I love your Instruction. I think about it constantly. (Psalm 119:97)

CONGRATULATIONS! to those who accepted the challenge to read the Bible in 2023 and accomplished it. Reading through the entire Bible is difficult. First, the Bible is massive—about 800,000 words (depending on the translation). That is the length of ten modern novels. Second, the Bible is filled with different genres of literature, some of which do not exist in our culture, such as apocalyptic literature. Third, the Bible’s historical, cultural, and theological backgrounds are foreign, leaving us with questions. For example, what is a cubit? Would our God command that every living thing be destroyed when the Israelites attacked a city? Why is Jesus crucified on Thursday in John’s Gospel but on Friday in the other gospels? However, despite our questions and because of them, God still speaks to us as we read the Scriptures. That is why we continue to read and study the Bible.

Dr. Sam