What to Expect

Plenty of free parking at the the Mark

Free parking at the Mark Garage on S. Pineapple Ave.

entry pineapple cropped

Entrance to First UMC on S. Pineapple Ave.

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Water, juice, and coffee served in the Narthex.

entry greeter

Greeters and ushers are ready to answer your questions.

Specific questions? See our FAQ page HERE.

Which Service Are You Attending?

First you’ll want to decide which service to attend. Your choice could be as easy as “Which time is better for me?” We have the Chapel service at 8:30 a.m. and the Sanctuary service at 11 a.m. - both traditional.

If time is not an issue, ask yourself, “Am I looking for a more intimate, less formal setting, like a suburban small-town church?" If so, the Chapel service might suit you better. This service has a piano and special music. The congregation chooses some hymns to sing at the beginning. The scripture and message (sermon) are the same for both services.

If you think, "I want something that feels like an 'experience' and that reminds me of a high-church service," the 11 a.m. Sanctuary service might be your choice. The Sanctuary service has music which includes piano, pipe organ, and choir. Occasionally, there are special musical guests such as a string or brass quartet, a violinist, or other artists. While the service used to be a bit more “high church,” worship has become less formal.

Both services include the same scripture and message, a pastoral prayer, an offertory prayer, and a benediction. People dress as they wish at either service. We want people to be comfortable, open to receiving God’s word and being in fellowship with others.



There are two entrances to the church - one on South Pineapple Avenue off Main Street and the other Mira Mar Court (a small cross street behind the church). There is on-street parking along South Pineapple. We also have FREE parking at the Mark garage directly across the street from the church’s main entrance on Pineapple. There is a sign outside the garage entrance that says “First Church Parking.”

On Mira Mar Court we have a small private lot which is mostly used by those with limited mobility. This lot has some handicap parking spaces. There are also some on-street parking spaces on Mira Mar Court.

There is COMPLIMENTARY valet service from 10 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. each Sunday at the Mira Mar Court entrance.


Where to go for services (map at bottom of page)

If you enter from South Pineapple Avenue, the Chapel is immediately on your right as you enter the Narthex (the area that joins the Chapel, Sanctuary, and offices). The Sanctuary is a few more steps on your left.

If entering from Mira Mar Court, you will come through the office lobby. On the right you’ll see a wide doorway where you can enter into the Narthex. You'll see the entry doors to the Sanctuary off the Narthex, with the entry to the Chapel past the Sanctuary on the left just before you see the Pineapple Avenue doors.


The "Restrooms" (map at bottom of page)

The men’s restroom is at the end of the Narthex opposite South Pineapple Avenue.

The ladies’ restroom is off the office lobby.

The Family Life Center (including the Fellowship Hall and Rooms 104 and 105)

This is the large building beside the church on Mira Mar Court. The entrance to it is just out the doors to the Mira Mar Court lot. Turn left; there are a ramp and concrete steps into this building.

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