Lay Leadership

Following are the members of the Church Council of FUMC Sarasota. These volunteers are the elected leadership for the church, offering their time, talents, and expertise to ensure that the church remains dedicated to its mission to "Love God. Love People. Make Disciples of Jesus Christ."

Kara Altice-Montes - Church Council Chair 

Tony Kenworthy - Lay Leader and Lay Delegate 

Leah Pittard - United Women of Faith Representative 

Bonnie VanOverbeke - Early Care Center Board Chair 

Rev. Dr. Sam Wright - Senior Pastor 

Rev. Woody Woodward - Associate Pastor 

Terry Neeley - Staff-Parish Committee Chair 

Sally Altman - Board of Trustees Chair  (Board elects)

Paul Goedecke - Finance Committee Chair 

Jim Kauffmann - Perpetual Foundation Chair

Tom Pruitt - Treasurer 

Donna Shane - Worship Representative 8:30 a.m. 

Donna Merrifield - Worship Representative 11:00 a.m.

CG Kauffmann - Missions Chair 

Jayne Cory - Council Recording Secretary 

Paul Goedecke - Music Representative 

John and Amy Warren - Children and Youth Representative 

Bill Grimes - At-Large Member